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Explore the elegance of Douglas Fir wood flooring with Roger Hyde Limited, the experts in crafting beautiful floors since 1968.


When it comes to selecting flooring, homeowners, interior design aficionados, and professionals agree that Douglas Fir timber stands out for its durability, aesthetics, and versatile design options. But with various ranges and finishes available, how do you choose the best Douglas Fir wood flooring for your space?

Roger Hyde Limited is proud to guide you through Prime Grade, Nature Grade, Solid, and Engineered Douglas Fir wood flooring. Together, we'll explore this classic wood's potential and examine why we chose to work with industry leaders like Dinesen, Horning, and Pur Natur to deliver unparalleled quality.

Prime Grade Douglas Fir Wood Flooring

"Prime" represents the highest pedigree of wood, offering a minimalistic vibe with fewer cracks and smaller knots. Upon correct installation and finish:

  • It presents a serene interior space where the organic flow of grain pattern takes centre stage.

  • Natural differences in sapwood and heartwood are harmoniously balanced.

  • Wider, longer planks amplify the wood's natural beauty, while patterns like herringbone or chevron highlight its versatility.

  • Less furniture accentuates the calm, allowing the floor to act as a peaceful backdrop or a stunning focal point.

Respected Prime Grade Manufacturers:

  • Horning: Known for their 'Exquisite' range.

  • Pur Natur: Offers the 'Select' option.

  • Dinesen: Renowned for their 'Classic' selections.

Nature Grade Douglas Fir Wood Flooring

Nature Grade reflects the outer trunk's raw essence, characterised by a bounty of knots and a more attractive price point:

  • Rich with character, whether installed in a rural setting or a modern abode.

  • A diverse palette of wood shades offers authenticity without artificial tints.

  • The floor's design feels dynamic yet harmonious, making it a comfortable match for any furnishing level.

Solid Douglas Fir Flooring

Solid wood flooring appeals to those who value authenticity and longevity:

  • It's a staple in churches and historical buildings, known to last generations.

  • The opportunity for multiple sandings ensures an enduring lifespan.

  • Available in ultra-wide and long planks, solid flooring can mix widths for varied aesthetics.

  • Expect natural expansion and contraction with temperature and humidity changes, leading to seasonal width variations.

Engineered Douglas Fir Flooring

Engineered Douglas Fir offers a modern construction that minimises expansion:

  • The top choice for those keen on maintaining uniform plank spacing year-round.

  • It's flexible in design, with options for wide and long planks from Horning, Pur Natur, and DinesenHorning, and Pur Natur offering greater variety.

  • Featuring a 6mm veneer layer, it provides multiple opportunities for professional sanding throughout its lifespan.

Why Roger Hyde Limited Prefers Dinesen, Horning, and Pur Natur?

We partner with these manufacturers because they consistently produce high quality, reliable flooring that meets our rigorous standards:

  • Dinesen brings years of tradition and innovation, crafting timeless floors.

  • Horning specialises in a broad spectrum of exquisite and robust engineered floors.

  • Pur Natur merges beauty with practicality, offering versatile flooring solutions.

Overall, your choice of Douglas Fir wood flooring should resonate with your personal style, budget, and practical considerations. Whether you seek the subtle refinement of Prime Grade or the authentic charm of Nature Grade, or you prefer the commitment to tradition with Solid or the stability of Engineered flooring, Douglas Fir is a testament to timeless beauty and endurance.

Trust Roger Hyde Limited to help you lay the groundwork for a home that tells your unique story. Our dedication to excellence and our partnership with industry leaders ensure you receive a flooring solution that elevates your space for decades to come.


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