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Roger Hyde Limited and Dinesen proudly brings Scandinavian elegance.

With long, wide solid wood planks, up to 15 metres long in some cases, a Dinesen project requires understanding and planning.


We are Dinesen ‘Certified Craftsmen’ and have gained Dinesen high quality installation and finishing experience for over 10 years.

We advise on planning, underfloor heating, scheduling, fitting and finishes, and maintenance advice.


Everyone at Roger Hyde Ltd has practical flooring knowledge to understand and communicate improvements; we pride ourselves on remaining up to date with installation and finishing specifications Dinesen provides.

Dinesen wide, long planks are one of the most popular floor types, bringing the Scandinavian trend to life in your property.


We believe it is important that the right maintenance advice is provided to you.

The cleaning and maintenance of your Dinesen floor should be simple, and, we are happy to advise how this can be achieved. As part of our installation and finishing process, we take the time to demonstrate how to keep your floor in the best condition and are always available for free, ongoing advice.

We have found through our experience that it’s the attention to the smaller details that ensures a successful wood floor, so that the floor can be enjoyed for years to come.

Here is a summary of some our install processes working with Dinesen:

  •  Comprehensive checks and on-going monitoring of site conditions

  •  Pre-works site survey, with dedicated focus to ensure all aspects are understood and details discussed.

  •  Planning of the logistical challenges of unloading, distributing, and installing very long boards.

  •  Checking threshold perimeter details and subfloor build up.

  •  Full communication with you, our customer, throughout the project.

  •  Trained flooring technicians who are used to working with this stunning material.

  •  Hand check of all boards on site.

We look forward to assisting you, so your Dinesen floor is completed professionally, correctly, on time and on budget.

For more information about Dinesen and working with Roger Hyde Limited…

We hope that you find working with us is easy as your project is important to us.

Here are just some examples of Dinesen wood flooring projects we have completed:

DINESEN Page - Case Study_ Left.png


Douglas Fir

Residential Maintenance

DINESEN Page - Case Study_ Middle.png


Douglas Fir

Residential Installation

DINESEN Page - Case Study_ Right.png


Douglas Fir

Residential Maintenance

Call us today on 01787 463348, for practical advice, to discuss any queries prior to your project starting and, for all considerations on installing or maintaining Dinesen flooring, (including suitability for under floor heating, and for re-finishing or repairing your existing floor).

Here is a quick link to Dinesen’s website if you would like to read more about them.

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