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Douglas Fir flooring in stunning quality with magnificent proportions and beautiful grain.


A Scandinavian design is as popular as ever. However, quality materials are still the most crucial aspect when choosing a Douglas Fir floor. There are many suppliers to choose from.


Douglas Fir is a softwood, and some consideration is required to ensure it is right for you and the area under consideration.

douglas fir wood flooring


beautiful view wood flooring

With experience gained since 1968, and from working with many manufacturers, we are happy to recommend the following who can provide you with a variety of Douglas Fir flooring options.


We believe that these manufacturers excel at what they do, provide exquisite flooring, and all have areas of strength.


Read below to find out why we recommend Dinesen, Pur Natur and Horning for your Douglas Fir floor:

dinesen logo

Solid Douglas Fir planks of exceptional quality, Wide and long planks, Excellent support team, Hand selected boards, Thorough quality check, Suitable for residential and commercial use. Lead time approximately 12 weeks, UK based Sales and Technical team. 

Read more about why we use Dinesen flooring and our relationship with them on our Dinesen partner page.

purnatur logo

Exceptional quality German grown Douglas Fir, PEFC environmentally accredite, Engineered planks with very little expansion and contraction, Wide planks up to 450mm, Long planks up to 15 metres, Suitable for underfloor heating, Competitive pricing, Suitable for Commercial and Residential use, Roger Hyde Limited are the UK agent for Pur Natur.

Find out more about our relationship with Pur Natur and why we use them on our partner page.

horning logo

Unlike Pur Natur and Dinesen, Horning can produce bespoke pre-finished flooring; this can save project time, A vast range of Douglas Fir grades, Solid and engineered planks, FSC environmentally certified, Competitive pricing, European Douglas Fir, Suitable for residential and commercial use, UK based Sales and Technical team.

Find out more about why we use Horning and our relationship with them on our Horning partner page.

pur natur wood flooring

Pur Natur

Douglas Fir

Commercial Installation

douglas fir wooden flooring


Douglas Fir

Domestic Installation

horning wooden flooring


Douglas Fir

Residential Installation



Along with our Douglas Fir wood flooring, we are also able to provide reclaimed Oak floors if new wood floors are not what you are looking for, but, if you would like other unique high quality wood flooring, view our Other Wood flooring page.

We offer a 12-month workmanship guarantee on all our works so you can instruct us confidently, for any wood installations, repairs or refurbishment works.


Please see our video about our Guarantee for more information from our Managing Director.




The correct maintenance of your floor is essential, as it will ensure your floor looks great and lasts longer.

Proactive cleaning, correct preparation and application of the proper maintenance finish mean that the surface is protected.

For further assistance and information on our services, please contact us.

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