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Location: Essex

Type of Work: Dinesen Installation

Type of Floor: Dinesen Douglas Fir

Floor Size: 35 square meters

Read the latest blog from Roger Hyde Limited about a residential installation.

I knew that I wanted Dinesen flooring, as I had seen it used in John Pawson’s projects on TV and in his books. I got some samples and had them in my house for a while, trying to imagine how it would look and what I could do with the room after the floor was installed. I needed to find an installer and I Googled ‘Dinesen Essex’ and Roger Hyde Limited came up. I liked the website as it had good images and was backed up with many testimonials. I contacted them and James Hyde sent me a very detailed quote. I did contact a couple of other businesses but their quotes weren’t so detailed or they didn’t seem to be so experienced. I wanted to get this right so after a year of deliberating I contacted Roger Hyde Limited again for a revised quote and a site visit. James Hyde came out to measure the room and we had a very detailed discussion about the work, what they could do, what they couldn’t do and what issues they may face. Before Roger Hyde Limited could get started the plumbing had to be sorted out. The flooring technician who did the floor was excellent; we had communication all the way through the project, he was approachable, diligent, and friendly and understood exactly what I wanted. He took pride in his work and was very particular and made sure everything was to my liking, I was very pleased. I was shown how to soap the floor and watched the floor technician carry out a clean once the floor was finished so I knew how to do it myself, however, the Dinesen website also has many ‘how-to’ videos for cleaning their floors.

I have had no issues with the floor since it was laid and I am so pleased with the look and feel of the room. Roger Hyde Limited did a great job all the way through the process, from pre-installation to after the works were completed. They continue to keep in touch with you to check the floor is doing well and to have a quick catch up with you just to keep in touch. I would recommend Roger Hyde Limited for any Dinesen installations.

residential installation by Roger Hyde Limited


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