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Location: Buckinghamshire

Type of Work: Dinesen Installation

Type of Floor: Dinesen Douglas Fir

Floor Size: 33 square meters

The Dinesen Installation of Douglas fir flooring was part of a kitchen refurbishment at the cottage. The flooring has been spotted on a kitchen showroom at the Plain English showroom in London. Our customer loved the flooring so Plain English told them about us.

James Hyde at Roger Hyde Limited, who was the main contact throughout the project, firstly carried out a free site visit to meet the customer and to go over everything in detail, taking measurements and humidity readings and to look at floor samples. Our customer was told how long the project would take, allowing for no ‘little surprises’ along the way. “I was really pleased with the level of pre-installation advice and information via emails and phone calls. There was a lot of contact and I knew I could get in touch easily if I had any questions. James was very thorough and detailed in the initial meeting, leaving nothing unknown. The level of customer service was exceptional” our customer said.

In the run up to the installation we made sure to liaise with the site builders to go through the project plans, ensuring that the bespoke kitchen was built to include the requirements of the floor.

The project required three flooring technicians to install the flooring. As explained to the customer at the outset, we worked around the kitchen as much as possible to limit the impact of the works on the customer. “I am exceptionally pleased with the installation process. The men who worked on the floor worked tirelessly, explaining every stage as they went along. After the project was complete they gave me the cleaning products and demonstrated how to clean the floor effectively to keep it looking nicer for longer.”

“I am fantastically pleased with the finished project. The kitchen gets a lot of traffic from people, wellies and cats, and especially living in the countryside, the floor will get a lot of use. I clean the floor once a week which keeps it looking brand new. The floor is so easy to clean and maintain. I used to have tiles and when I wanted to get the kitchen re-done I said to myself that I would get flooring that could withstand more traffic. The tiles showed every mark and were colder underfoot. In the winter months, the Dinesen flooring surprisingly makes the kitchen feel warmer.”

“I was told not to be too precious with the flooring. When you get something new like this it is hard not to worry about the flooring getting dirty and marks showing up, but the flooring still looks like new, although will eventually wear in time to look lived in and homely. I was told that Roger Hyde Limited would be happy to return each year to clean and re-oil the flooring, this is something I will absolutely be doing to give the flooring a longer life and to keep it looking new.”

customer testimonial of Dinesen installation


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