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Roger Hyde Limited can Maintain Your Junckers Floors for You

For many years we have worked with Junckers as one of their approved contractors, fitting and refurbishing their floors for a variety of customers. Junckers offer a wide range of flooring to suit a variety of needs, from commercial to schools and leisure centres, as well as domestic floors, so you have the confidence to trust us with your floor.

Junckers have manufactured solid wood floors since the 1930’s, as well as offering oil and lacquer floor treatments since the 1950’s. We at Roger Hyde Limited have been installing and maintaining floors since the 1960’s which means between us, we have over 100 years’ experience in solid wood floors. Who else would be better to fit and maintain your floors? After your Junckers floor has been installed, we recommend that it is scrubbed and sealed by a flooring technician every 2-5 years to keep it looking like new, with a sand and seal required, again by a flooring technician approximately every 10-20 years, depending on the wear and tear the floor receives. We offer a free site survey to assess your floor, providing any maintenance recommendations and work with you to your budget to ensure the health of your floor is maintained.

For the general day-to-day life of your floor, we would advise that it is cleaned daily or weekly depending on the usage the floor receives. In partnership with Junckers, we have set out below some easy to follow steps that we would recommend to keep your floor clean and in tip-top condition, with a suggestion of what Junckers products you should use to achieve this:

Moderately dirty flooring Use either a dust mop or a lightly moistened floor mop to the entire floor surface, ensuring you regularly rinse the moistened mop cleaning off any dirt and residue before returning to the floor surface.

Dirty flooring Use Junckers SylvaSport Cleaner on either a tightly wrung-out swab/mop or with a floor scrubbing machine to the entire floor surface ensuring that you remove any excess water. Alternatively, Junckers Sylva Dissolver H2O can be added to the washing water.

Dirty flooring with handball resin Junckers Sylva Dissolver H2O to be added to the washing water in the floor scrubbing machine. Dosage: see the product’s labelling instructions. Two lanes of washing water should be spread in the longitudinal direction of the boards, and vacuumed up immediately afterwards, or after being left to work for a maximum of 3 minutes.

Wipe up any remaining water immediately with a dry cloth. Pay particular attention to any water spilt when the machine is rotating. Never leave water on the floor as it can harm the floor and reduce the friction, which can result in falls and injuries.

Roger Hyde Limited, together with Junckers: Guide to maintaining your Floors DAILY/WEEKLY

  • Vacuum and/or sweep the floor to remove surface dust and grit.

  • Occasionally, clean the floor with a mild solution of Junckers SylvaCleaner. Use a well wrung out cloth, a hand held sprayer or mop kit in combination with a rotary polishing machine mounted with a soft pad or a Rotowash machine.

Floors that have been newly lacquered should not be cleaned for 3 days after lacquering. All our works come with a 12 month workmanship guarantee, which means you can instruct us with confidence. You will also receive 6-12 monthly courtesy calls, as well as a free site survey to assess your floor, where we take measurements and photos. We will discuss any concerns that you may have with your floor and make an honest and practical recommendation of any maintenance needs.

If you would like the hassle of maintaining your floor taken out of your hands, we offer a Managed Maintenance Service (MMS) where we agree with you the number of maintenance visits required to maintain your floor for a fixed monthly price. This agreement offers peace of mind knowing that your flooring maintenance is taken care of.

Call us today to book a free site visit or to find out more information about our Managed Maintenance Service on 01787 463348 or email

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