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oak flooring by Roger Hyde Limited

For many years, Oak flooring has been the most popular and beautiful wood product for flooring. This is for a very good reason. Not only are they suitable for hardwood flooring, but they are able to be turned into a range of colours and designs due to their grain.

So we know why Oak flooring is so popular, but what type of Oak should you use? Here at Roger Hyde Ltd, we only source the best Oak flooring manufacturers for our customers. They are so good, that we have made a list of each manufacturer with what they offer.

Pur Natur

A popular choice for many of our customers, Pur Natur offers a sleek Scandinavian design to suit most homes. Pur Natur can be used for both commercial and residential use, they have wide 450mm planks with lengths up to 9 meters and offering an extremely high-quality Black Forest Douglas Fir. There are many more reasons why Pur Natur could be the right flooring for you. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website to see the full list of features that Pur Natur can offer.


We have been working with Junckers for many years and for good reason. If you don’t have a specific flooring in mind then we would highly recommend going through Junckers. They offer a wide range of oak flooring such as sports floors, hard floors, multi-purpose floors etc. Not only this, but their products come in a wide range of colours and designs to suit any customers needs. Not only are they stylish, but they are also trustworthy with all of their products coming with a 25-year product guarantee. If you are interested in Junckers or would like to find out more, then visit our website.

Ted Todd

If you are on a budget for your flooring, then Ted Todd could be the manufacturer for you. Their wide range of flooring can compensate for almost any budget, big or small. They offer a wide range of finishes and sizes as well as a bespoke finish for many of their products. Not only this but they take pride in their exceptional customer service and offering a 20-year product guarantee. If you would like to find more about Ted Todd’s Oak flooring, then make sure to check out our web page.


We have been working with Dinesen for 10 years now and we couldn’t recommend them anymore. Not only do they provide stylish Scandinavian planks, but they also offer a wide range of sizes and colours making them perfect for almost any project. Quality is everything when you use Dinesen as they only use solid oak and Douglas Fir will all of their products. If you think Dinesen could be the one for you, make sure to read the full list of features that they offer on our website.

At Roger Hyde Ltd, we understand that Oak flooring isn’t just as simple as reading a web page. That’s why if you are unsure about Oak flooring, get in touch with one of our experts here at Roger Hyde Ltd.


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