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Roger Hyde Limited and Dinesen bringing the Nordic style to you

With long, wide solid wood planks, up to 15 metres in some cases, a Dinesen project requires understanding and planning. We have Dinesen installation and finishing experience gained over 10 years, and will advise on planning, underfloor heating, scheduling, fitting and finishes, with maintenance advice also provided.

Everyone at Roger Hyde Limited has practical flooring knowledge to understand and communicate improvements; we pride ourselves on remaining up to date with installation and finishing specifications.

Dinesen wide, long planks are one of the most popular floor types, bringing the Scandinavian trend to life in your building.

Contact us now for practical advice, before you start your project, for all considerations on installing Dinesen flooring, to include over under floor heating, or re-finishing your existing floor.

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Why choose Dinesen and Roger Hyde Limited?

We believe it is essential that the right maintenance advice is communicated to you. The cleaning and maintenance of your Dinesen floor should be simple, and we are happy to explain how this can be achieved. As part of our installation and finishing process, we take the time to show you how to keep your floor in the best condition, and are always available for free, on-going advice. We have found that through our experience that it’s the attention to the smaller details that ensures a successful installation, so that the floor can be enjoyed for years come.

  • Checking and monitoring of site conditions.
  • Planning of the logistical challenges of unloading, distributing and installing very long boards.
  • Checking threshold perimeter details and subfloor build up.
  • Communication with customer throughout project.
  • Trained flooring technicians who are used to working with this gorgeous material.
  • Hand checking all boards on site.
  • Solid oak and Douglas fir boards.
  • Very long and wide boards.

We hope that working with us is easy. Your project is important to us. We look forward to assisting you so your Dinesen floor is completed on time and on budget.

View Dinesen’s website here.

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All our works come with a 12 month workmanship guarantee, which means you can instruct us with confidence. You will also receive 6-12 monthly courtesy calls, as well as a free site survey to assess your floor.  We will discuss any flooring concerns that you may have and make an honest and practical recommendation of any maintenance needs.

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Managed Maintenance Service

If you would like the hassle of maintaining your floor taken out of your hands, we offer a Managed Maintenance Service (MMS) where we agree with you the number of maintenance visits required to maintain your floor for a fixed monthly price. This agreement offers peace of mind knowing that your flooring maintenance is taken care of.

Call us today to book a free site visit or to find out more information about our Managed Maintenance Service on 01787 463348 or email [email protected]

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Customer Comments

“I had forgotten how the floors looked 9 years ago when we first opened but the transformation is truly remarkable and we are more than pleased with your work. I spoke to Fr.Martin today and he was so surprised that he has written in the parish newsletter telling the people about the floors. It will be put to the management committee to now look to get all the areas of the hall re-done.”
Brentwood Cathedral Parish Hall

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