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Leisure Centres and schools from all across the UK have a good relationship with Roger Hyde Limited and come to us year after year for their floors to be cleaned, repaired, re-sealed and re-installed.

Our experience doesn’t just stop at gym, hall and sports hall flooring, we also fit and maintain exterior floor surfaces and when sanding or sealing sports hall flooring, we can also replace the court markings.

The importance of court marking is abundant, especially now the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) has implemented the basketball marking rulings made by the NBA.

Many schools, leisure centres, community centres and other sports facilities where basketball competitions and teams regularly play are ensuring they get their court markings re-done so the teams aren’t disadvantaged when they play at other venues.

If you are assessing the needs of your floor, you can wait until it is a convenient time for you when the floor needs sanding or the court markings are faded or damaged.

Putting in the court markings on your sports floor can be easily accommodated into sanding or scrubbing works and is a great selling point for your sports facility.

The rulings mean that over the next few years, the rulings will apply to more and more organisations and eventually schools:

  • For high-level competitions/Level 1 (main FIBA official competitions: i.e. Olympic Tournaments, World Championships for Men and Women, U19 and U17 World Championships for Men and Women and Zone/Continental Championships for Men and Women): as of 1st October 2010, i.e. after the 2010 FIBA World Championship.

  • For medium level competitions/Level 2 (i.e. all other FIBA official competitions and the high-level competitions of the national federations): as of 1st October 2012, i.e. after the London 2012 Olympic Games.

  • For non-league competitions, there is no requirement for changing court markings

(For further information, check out the FIBA site:

So what does this mean for basketball players?

  • The three-point field goal line is now 6.75m, it was 6.25m. This is half a meter further away from the basket meaning greater shot distance for players

  • The goal areas are now rectangular, not trapezoid meaning when taking a penalty shot, the shot will be taken slightly differently

Not only is it advisable to amend the court markings to comply with the new rulings, it also makes your sports facility more attractive to teams looking to practice or hold competitions. This is not only because of the up to date markings but also the bouncy, clean and well looked after sports floor.

Updating your court markings is affordable; we offer a free site visit to assess the floor and what work needs doing and our work comes with a 12 month guarantee so you know you are in safe hands.

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Roger Hyde Limited is a specialist flooring company, based in Suffolk, working across the UK, with experience and expertise in installing, maintaining and repairing floors since 1968.

Get in touch with us regarding any flooring concerns or queries you may have. 01787 463348 or

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