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hard wood flooring by Roger Hyde Limited

How to clean hardwood flooring

What is not to love about hard wood flooring? Stylish, durable and long-lasting. Keeping them looking beautiful and clean can be a challenge. That’s why Roger Hyde have put together some tips on the best way to clean your hard wood floor.

Consistency is key

Even though it may seem self-explanatory, the more you clean, the less dirty your floor will be. Some people will clean their floors every day, whereas others may only clean their floors once a week. The number of times you should clean is dependent on many things.

If you have a high traffic area such as a hallway, you might have to clean more frequently. As the floor is used more, it will get dirty quicker, with the risk of the dirt becoming ingrained as people walk over it. We would recommend vacuuming these areas daily if possible and mop these areas once or twice a week. Lower traffic areas can be mopped as little as once a month or every couple of months.

How to clean wood floors

Cleaning your floor is simple. A good rule to follow is that too much water is a wooden floor’s worst enemy. When cleaning, it is important to use a damp mop rather than a soaking wet mop. Due to the porous nature of wood, the liquid can easily be absorbed, causing staining or buckling.

The best way to clean your floor is to take your time and clean section by section. Find an area that you want to clean first. Choose an area in a corner that you won’t have to walk over to get to another section. Once you have made up your cleaning solution, you can begin to mop your floor. Ideally, you can dry the section with a dry mop or wait for it to dry naturally.

Use floor cleaning products recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

Most manufacturers will recommend a cleaning solution for you to use when you clean your floor. However, if the solution is too costly or you are unsure about the solution provided, you can contact a professional here at Roger Hyde Ltd to get a recommendation that suits your budget.

Don’t use non-floor detergents, oils, waxes or furniture sprays! Washing up liquid and non-floor oils are a massive no-no as they can create an extremely slippery surface which can cause injuries. Wax can also take some time to apply, and re-coating can be difficult.

If you would like maintenance advice tailored to your floor and its usages, please get in touch. We will come and look at the flooring at your premises and advise you on the various options available.


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