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Roger Hyde Limited know that when it comes to choosing the best premium quality wood flooring for your property, there is an abundance of diverse factors to consider – much further than simply how the wooden floor options will look in the designated room. Although the aesthetics of the premium flooring projects are significantly important, additional and influential factors to consider include the following:

Will the flooring be installed in a high-traffic area?

As any credible flooring contractor will advise you, the wooden flooring material used in an area of high traffic will often need to differ from that in a space of a property that is used considerably less. An area of high traffic can be identified as a flooring space of which is frequently walked across; examples often include corridors or hallway spaces. Of course, an area of high traffic is subject to the purpose of its use and is dependent on the layout of the property.

Each property is unique, therefore the areas of high traffic can be located in a diverse range of areas – using a floor that is an inappropriate fit regarding usage will result in a surface that soon becomes scuffed and faded. Upon consultation, the specialist team here at Roger Hyde Ltd will be able to offer expertise regarding the appropriate premium flooring surface for these busier areas, as these will need to be harder wearing.

Do you need lower maintenance flooring?

The prospect of repeatedly cleaning and maintaining flooring is not something that appeals to all individuals, and understandably so! Here at Roger Hyde Ltd, our extensive expertise means we know that the easiest and most suitable flooring for you is one that you will be able to easily manage and maintain.

Premium wooden flooring can be made easy to maintain if coated with the correct finish and placed appropriately amongst the property, with consideration for how the flooring will be used. Upon our consultation regarding your new flooring, we will be able to work together and utilize our expertise to conclude which premium wood would be most suited for you.

Company Workmanship

As flooring experts, here at Roger Hyde Ltd, we are extensively proud of our workmanship. Upon the purchase and bespoke installation of your high-quality, premium wooden floors, we offer a 12-month workmanship guarantee. Our keen attention to detail ensures many years of enjoyment and trust in your new surface.

There is a wide range of factors to consider prior to purchasing wooden flooring solutions – all of which can be explored upon consultation. The Roger Hyde Ltd hardwood flooring company was established in 1968 and is proud to have serviced multitudes of prestigious clientele with diverse flooring types; we are the only UK supplier of many reputable and international premium wooden flooring providers. Should you wish to enquire further regarding the supply and installation of the optimum wooden flooring solution for your property, do not hesitate to contact the Roger Hyde Ltd team today.

premium quality flooring by Roger Hyde Limited


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