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Premium quality wood flooring is always a smart investment for your home and business. The appearance of the floor is one of the first things guests, business partners or clients will notice about your place. In addition, quality flooring will last longer and need less maintenance. Thus, you should never underestimate the importance of having your floors manufactured and installed by experts.

What is Dinesen wood flooring?

A Dinesen wood flooring is synonymous with quality. Dinesen is a prestigious Danish company with more than 120 years of experience as a wooden plank floor manufacturer. Planks are manufactured with great detail from 80 to 200-year-old trees, which are carefully selected according to their structure and dimensions.

This company transforms the wood from selected European forests into unique plank floors with the natural beauty of trees. Douglas fir flooring is the company’s signature product because of its elegance and harmonious expression. Dinesen oak, ash, and pine planks are also of superb quality and charm.

The craftsmanship and knowledge of DINESEN WOOD FLOORING have been perfected through generations since the 19th century. Hence, Dinesen prides itself on maintaining its high standards and dedication to detail.

Dinesen-Approved Craftspeople

The company’s mission includes knowledge transfer and collaboration with certified flooring installers to ensure the quality and durability of the finished floor. To this end, Dinesen established the Dinesen Academy.

Dinesen-Approved Craftspeople are professional and trusted flooring experts who have successfully completed the training programme and can maintain the company’s high standards. Dinesen has strict selection criteria for access to its training programme.

It requires businesses to have:

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience with solid plank flooring

  • All the essential insurance policies including employers & public liability.

  • Previous projects involving Dinesen floors

In addition, Dinesen-certified flooring professionals must have expertise regarding its products and solutions. Qualified craftspeople will thus gain an exclusive insight into the company’s plank flooring.

Dinesen only recommends Dinesen-Approved Companies as their work ethic is in line with its values. Hence, if you hire Dinesen-certified professionals, you are guaranteed that their work will conform to the instructions in Dinesen’s technical guides.

Why you should consider a Dinesen-Approved Company like Roger Hyde Limited

Dinesen wooden floors are popular worldwide. But not every installer is qualified to bring the Scandinavian trend to life in your building. Dinesen solid wood planks can be up to 15 metres long in some cases. Therefore, a Dinesen project requires planning and thorough understanding.

Roger Hyde Limited professionals have been floor and surface experts since 1968. And we are one of the few Dinesen-Approved Companies in the UK. Our professionals are well-versed in Dinesen’s installation and finishing requirements with practical flooring knowledge. And we are qualified to advise you on your flooring needs, including:

  • Scheduling

  • Installation

  • Underfloor heating

  • Finishes

  • Maintenance, refurbishment and repairs

We will pay attention to every detail of your project to ensure its success so that you can enjoy the beauty of your Dinesen floor for years to come.

We provide you with peace of mind by:

  • Handling all the logistical challenges

  • Monitoring all the process

  • Communicating with you throughout the project

  • Offering a 12-month workmanship guarantee

Our experts are always ready to offer practical advice regarding the installation and maintenance of Dinesen flooring. We look forward to assisting you.

Should you wish to enquire further regarding the installation of premium quality Dinesen floors for your property, do not hesitate to contact the Roger Hyde Limited team today.



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