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There are plenty of options to consider when it comes to choosing a species of wood flooring for your office, commercial building or home. However, one flooring manufacturer you should consider, and who we’re proud to work with and be approved by is Hørning.

From their wide range of flooring solutions to their unique quality system, there are many reasons why Hørning should be one of your top choices when it comes to wood flooring. And in this article, we’ll share everything you should know about this prestigious family-run flooring company and how Roger Hyde can help you take your project to the next level with Hørning flooring.

horning flooring by Roger Hyde Limited

About Hørning Flooring

When you think of Hørning flooring, visualise unique solid wood floors which offer excellent Scandinavian Craftsmanship and style. Since 1929, this company has become synonymous with distinctive, long-lasting and aesthetic wooden floors. Hence, for generations, Hørning floors have been chosen by world-renowned architects for their international projects.

The National Library in Madrid, the Opera House in Copenhagen, and the airports of Venice and Stockholm are just a few of the many places where Hørning floors captivate visitors.

Why Choose Hørning Flooring?

Here’s why Roger Hyde Limited recommends Hørning:

1. A highly respected brand with a passion for providing high-end flooring solutions

Hørning was founded on the combination of innate talent, enthusiasm about flooring and unwavering commitment to doing things right. Thus, the company is dedicated to offering one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.

Their hard-working team comes together to provide you with unique flooring solutions of premium quality tailored to your needs. The Hørning brand guarantees you receive a high-end product that will result in an excellent investment and great value for money.

You can rest assured your Hørning floor will stand the test of time, just like the one that has been adorning the council chamber in Aarhus City Hall since 1937. Designed by Arne Jacobsen, this is one of the most famous Hørning floors, a beautiful herringbone parquet that continues performing today after 80 years!

2. Wide range of quality wooden floors

Hørning carefully selects top-quality timber and transforms it into one-off solutions that are long-lasting and perfect for both commercial and residential uses.

Not sure if they have the product you are looking for? Fear no more. They have a lot of experience providing bespoke wood flooring solutions to a variety of locations and properties all over the world.

Hørning offers you the flooring solution you need:

  • New and classic parquet patterns

  • Planks in all widths and lengths, including a huge range of wide planks and long planks up to 16 metres.

  • A great variety of species is available, such as Oak, Ash, Douglas fir and more exotic timber options, including Doussie, Bilinga, Wenge and Teak.

Hørning has gained a reputation for sourcing timber that other companies can’t and for doing so in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is central to Hørning's approach and that’s why their products are FSC-certified.

3. Unique system for quality control guaranteeing a superior final result

This manufacturer always provides a professional yet personal approach to their work. Not only will you notice the creative flair in their craftsmanship but also their attention to detail and precision.

Hørning has developed a system that puts all employees in charge of quality. At least six professionals will assess the quality of each and every strip and plank before it reaches your floor. The human-led quality assessment of planks guarantees the superiority of Hørning flooring.

In addition, the company’s continuous investment in new technology, training, and control enables them to offer the best quality in the industry. Hørning’s machining is second to none. Their accurate technology facilitates the installation and treatment of floors. And Hørning’s team can supply pre-finished options which help reduce the on-site work programme.

4. UK-based, highly experienced, and personal management from the manufacturer

Hørning is among the few manufacturers having representation in the UK. This aspect is of the utmost importance as it allows for a more personal relationship with the company. By contacting directly Hørning UK’s sales director instead of a subcontractor, you save time and ensure your flooring needs are met. And Roger Hyde Limited can assist you in this process.

How We Can Help

Here at Roger Hyde Limited, we are Specialists approved and endorsed by Hørning as we represent their ethos and values.

Our Business Managers and Project Managers will guide you every step of the way and ensure a smooth and seamless project from start to finish. As Horning flooring experts, our services include installation and refurbishment and repairs, as well as assisting with maintenance.

We always aim for excellence in all that we do and our workmanship is guaranteed. We even provide a 12-month workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind.

Big or small, we can help you complete your flooring project and promise absolute satisfaction. We work together with every customer we meet to help ensure the longevity of the floor, taking into consideration the room environment and location, footfall, and purpose. We’ll always provide you with an honest and trustworthy service.


Hopefully, now you understand why Hørning Flooring is a must for your next project and you feel more confident about what to expect from Hørning flooring and from working with Roger Hyde Limited’s team.


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