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Read a story from one of Roger Hyde Limited's customers on the recent sand and seal we completed to their church in Suffolk. Customer stories is a feature we will be doing more of, so keep an eye on our blog for more.

Customer Story for Church Hall Floor

In November we were considering how to deal with the church hall floor and I phoned up Roger Hyde for advice as I was getting conflicting advice from companies selling floor products. The advice were given was clear and helpful, and along with information and testimonials on this website gave a much clearer picture about the different products available and what was best.

Our church hall is hired by a variety of groups, notably by a Preschool which can leave sand and paint on the floor and large groups from other churches which could easily drag chairs. Easy cleaning is essential because of a dog training class. I had not considered previously how much a clean floor is a health and safety issue. The floor had not been treated for very many years, was sometimes worn down to bare wood, physically damaged in a few places and heavily stained elsewhere.

When we priced out the cost of doing it ourselves we realised it was going to cost hundreds of pounds for hiring equipment and the products alone and we became increasingly aware of the possibility of doing a mediocre job and wasting the money as a result. So we decided to ask for a quotation for the company to do the work.

A site visit was arranged promptly and gave the chance to check on a few other issues, notably floors elsewhere in the premises. Responses were honest and helpful – what could and could not be done, for example what might still be seen. Despite the large increase in the amount to be spent on the floor, we decided to bite the bullet and do the job properly.

The work was originally planned for the Easter holidays but because of unforeseen circumstances (workman’s personal pressures, not due to company shortcomings) it had to be postponed until the summer holidays. The date was fixed sometime in advance because of the need to cancel a few bookings and the commencement date was just a day late which didn’t matter as we had ensured that a decent safety margin was in place.

The work was subcontracted to an experienced ‘technician’ who again was helpful and explained clearly what he was doing and could / couldn’t do. By ‘couldn’t do’ I mean there were some very old badminton markings that would not come off despite a lot of work and a few deeply ingrained stains. The subcontractor works regularly for the company and we were impressed by his work and attitudes.

We were given helpful and realistic advice about cleaning and generally maintaining the floor, an issue which must be addressed by anyone overseeing premises. We are pleased with the result. Those who hire the hall keep commenting on it. Pictures on the website show clearly the differences to be expected before and after. The floor is much easier to clean too.

The floor is in constant use and already scuff marks are appearing, and a few scratches. We were warned time and time again that the floor will need retreating regularly, depending on how well it is treated. Hall hirers appear to be heeding the notices about care but there is no denying that in a few years’ time, perhaps four, we will need to have the floor renewed, although the job will be much less than before.

What attracted me to the company in the first place was actually their website followed up by their attitude over the phone and subsequently. There was clear evidence of experience with similar halls, sometimes fairly close nearby. It was also good to use a local company. I would recommend the company and I would recommend that those considering doing similar works themselves do consider carefully what they can and cannot manage themselves.

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Mark Cornish, Churchwarden All Saints, Ipswich October 2016.


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